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We are a family-run farm committed to providing the best organically grown FRUITS, VEGETABLES, FLOWERS, and EGGS to our neighbors, friends, and customers.  

Join our 2018 CSA HERE.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farm share system. As a CSA member, you will receive freshly harvested produce throughout the growing season. Shares include a wide variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables, including familiar and well-loved staples like onions, lettuces, and tomatoes as well as more unusual and often more exciting items like blue potatoes, escarole, and carnival squashes. (Fresh EGGS are available for additional purchase too!) You and your family will be able to come to the farm, walk the fields, meet the farmer, and even harvest some of your own food. Joining our CSA is a choice that not only gives your family access to the best local food but also supports the larger Tine & Toil family. By pledging to support the farm for a season, you make sustainable farming attainable.

2018 CSA Share

SEASON: week of May 20 through week of November 4


  • Tine & Toil Farm in Pottstown on Tuesday afternoons 2-7
  • High Point Cafe in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, on Saturday mornings 10-12


  • 25 week season
  • 7-10 fruit and vegetable varieties each week
  • $700 full share seasonal cost


  • 13 week season, pick up every other week (you and your farmer Nathan will arrange for an "A" week or "B" week schedule)
  • 7-10 fruit and vegetable varieties every other week
  • $375 half share seasonal cost (plus one-time $25 fee for off-farm delivery)


  • subsidized and work share openings (see below for details)

Steps to Become a Member

  1. Complete the 2018 CSA Agreement Form. You will select a membership size (full or half) and pick-up location (Pottstown or Philadelphia). Return this form to the farm by mail, email, or in person. 
  2. Select a payment option.
    ONLINE: Pay the half share rate or make a deposit toward your full share of $375 online HERE before the start of the season.
    : Pay the full share rate of $700 or half share rate of $375 by check made out to "Tine and Toil Farm" before the start of the season.
    PAYMENT PLANS: Flexible payment options are also available. Please contact the farm to discuss options.


Where , when, and how will I pick up my share?
Local CSA members will pick up their shares at Tine & Toil Farm in Pottstown on Tuesday afternoons 2-7. Our Philadelphia members will pick up at High Point Cafe in Mt. Airy on Saturday mornings 10-12. Bring your own bags or boxes to take your share home.

How much food and what kind of food will I receive each week?
Each share will include 7-10 different fruits and vegetables each time you pick up. You will receive each item in peak season. The generous portions will keep a family of four eating fresh produce all week long. 

How many members are in the CSA?
We like to keep the number of CSA members small. The 2018 CSA will have 30 members. This lets us get to know you and lets you get to know us.

How will I communicate with the farmer?
Each week you will receive a newsletter via email from your farmer including a list of fruits and vegetables in the share, recipe suggestions, and updates on the farm. Feel free to contact us by phone, text, email, or in person with any questions or suggestions.

What if I cannot afford a share?
We are committed to helping everyone eat local and organically grown food. There are two options if the standard share price seems too expensive for your family:

Pay for a portion of your share by working on the farm. Pay $350, half of the full share price, and work 40 hours on the farm over the course of the season. This option is designed for those interested in organic farming practices as well as the often dirty "toil" that fills a farmer's day. There are two work share openings for the 2018 season. Contact Nathan at tineandtoilfarm@gmail.com with a brief introduction and description of your interest, and we will be in touch with more information.

Join the CSA at a subsidized rate. Receive all the food, but pay only a fraction of the price to be negotiated with the farmer. This share is intended for someone who is committed to local and organically grown produce but who may not be able to afford it. There is one subsidized share for the 2018 season. Contact Nathan at tineandtoilfarm@gmail.com with a brief introduction and description of your interest, and we will be in touch with more information.

Can I visit the farm?
Of course! Let us know you are coming or just drop by with your family and friends. You are always welcome.

Can I help out on the farm?
Please do! Volunteers are always welcome. Plan an afternoon of work and fun helping to plant, harvest, weed, or stir the compost. Remember, we also have two work share positions open for the 2018 season.

What if I am going to miss a pick up?
Missed shares cannot be made up. However, others are welcome to pick up the share for you in your absence. Send a friend or family member to pick up your share when you are out of town or unavailable. 

If you have any questions not answered above, simply email us at tineandtoilfarm@gmail.com.

Tine & Toil Farm 
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